How To Turn KAYAK 60 M FUNDING Into Success.

Kayak co-leads Life House’s $60M Series C to ‘reimagine’ the hotel experience

Life House is a software developer that helps all independent hotel operators and owners. Initially, Life house was a boutique hotel operator with several features, and then they started software development. Many companies like Kayak and Inovia capital are Investors in this company. Life House raised a series C round of $60 million from these companies as funding for their development.

With the help of various investors, the company has developed since 2017 with a value of $100 million. The company has seen several struggles to reach its current position. The software that helps with onsite hotel management also had several changes until the start of its development, making it more effective and suitable for marketing.

Details about Life House and its founder

The Life House company is the assert of Rami Zeidan, who worked in all areas of the hotel industry and later created his own company as a hotel brand. For decades he worked with several parts of the hotel industry to learn more about them. Then he started his New York-based hotel brand and operator company that works with its unique software to manage several processes.

Though they started Life House as a hotel brand and operator for independent hotels, they aim to become the best operators and achieve their goal. They created their hotel management software to improve the working process. Life house seeks to fix all the brakes between the process and reduce the complexity in the operational model of the hotels.

The company’s primary vision before their combination made them into a tech provider, hotel manager, and a famous boutique hotel brand. The founder Rami Zeidan has more ideas for this company, and they are gathering more funds for the company to reach new heights with several features and benefits for its customers.

Life House’s software for hotels and operators

Due to the capital raised, the software in the company is more comprehensive and mature enough to provide its products to other global operators and hoteliers. The software will help with all the necessary onsite management, and the company has evolved from a tech-enabled hotel operator into a SaaS company. The software available with this company will have several features that help to simplify the hotel management process.

Due to the growth of this company, many leading companies are interested in this software, and they initiated the investment process. This software helps and manages over 50 hotels in North America at the time of having $30 million series B funding. After getting more funding options, the company will get more developments which will make the company more popular.

Nowadays, more than 85% of hotels are third-party hotels that use software with special white-label agreements. The company will provide all the necessary services with the software and offer a better experience managing all kinds of hotel processes.

Providing software for third-party hotels

The Life House company provides its software to various third-party hotels and is becoming a SaaS company that provides software as its customer service. According to the founder Zeidan, the company’s profitability increases by 200% after this software, increasing their net revenues by over 45 to 50 %. Due to various situations in the pandemic, the company has developed several features that make people access them easily.

The company’s primary mission is to serve as a one-stop shop, making purchasing easy for everyone. This software will help people create and use hotels of different sizes with maximum profitability.


Most hotels available today are complicated to operate, and the software with the Life House company will help people to manage their hotels with more benefits and efficiency. The accuracy of the product will be more promising, and the company is handling several top hotels as their star customers. So, people who need to manage their hotel with better software can choose this product with Life House company. 

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