The Future of Office Interactions: Digital Communication in Modern Workspaces

When you think of fast and effective communication, posters and notice boards aren’t what come to mind (for good reason). Once the norm, these traditional communication channels are static, time-consuming to update, and do not engage today’s audiences that are far more used to screens. 

That’s why many businesses are now going digital. Businesses adopting digital signage for internal communication see a 25% increase in employee productivity and report an increase in employee morale at work. 

When done right, digital displays are powerful, high-visibility communication tools. Let’s see how you can integrate them into your workplace. 

1. Communicate in real-time with employees

Stats show that employees lose precious time searching for information – 1.8 hours per day to be exact!

While most offices rely on email communication, it has its downsides. The biggest one is that inboxes fill up pretty fast, so your employees have to dig through the clutter for that one important email.

With digital signage implemented at work, you can share critical information and updates on display screens right where your employees are. This way, your employees have all the information they need to get their tasks efficiently right in front of them. 

For instance, you can share important announcements to keep your employees connected and updates about business goals and strategies. Additionally, you can display employee awards and milestones to boost morale and keep your team motivated.

2. Facilitate decisions with BI dashboards 

Business data can be complex and hard to decipher, especially under tight deadlines. Bulky documents and spreadsheets are not the most effective way to mine data for fast and accurate decision-making. 

What if you could turn this data into easy-to-consume, engaging visuals? The good news is you can! With BI dashboards, you can break down complex information into visuals like graphs and charts to make it easier to consume and interpret. 

You can also add project details and timelines to ensure your entire team is on track. Some of the most commonly shared information includes performance KPI, CSAT scores, and resource allocation to ensure consistent work distribution for maximum productivity.

3. Ensure seamless meeting room management 

Booking and managing meeting rooms can be quite a hassle. You’ll have meeting clashes in some slots while others are entirely vacant. So, how can you and your team manage this better?

Here’s where digital meeting room placards come in. These digital screens help you and your employees book meetings efficiently to avoid clashes. All you have to do is set up your screen with signage software and get real-time updates on meeting room schedules. You can include details like hostname, meeting date, time, and name to know who has booked a room and when. 

L Squared has built-in widgets like Teams Room Integration and more to help you schedule meetings seamlessly. You can display details like time slot, hostname, and meeting name to help your audience locate the right room.

4. Increase employee engagement

Getting your employees to feel connected and motivated is crucial to employee retention. It’s also essential in building a positive work environment — and you can do so with digital signage. 

One way to do this is by displaying employee awards and milestones. About 60% of employees feel more motivated to work when appreciated – and digital signage can play a huge role here.

Let’s say you share employee achievements on social media regularly. These include “Employee of the Month”, work anniversaries, and promotions. With digital signage, you can sync your social media feed with office screens to amplify this content. This way, all your internal teams can congratulate high performers. 

You can also encourage your employees to post congratulatory messages and use official hashtags to celebrate wins and boost engagement. This creates a positive environment for healthy growth — where good work is recognized and celebrated. 

Elevate communication at your workplace with digital signage

Your workplace doesn’t have to be boring. This includes how employees receive information, collaborate with colleagues, and even book meeting rooms! And this is where digital signage shines. 

With dynamic displays, you not only communicate with your audience effectively, you engage with them and create more user-friendly experiences. This way, your team is optimized to work more productively in a healthy work environment.

So, if you’re looking to transform business communication at your workplace, digital signage is the way to go! 

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