New York-based Acquco Raises $160M in Series Funding To Acquire and Scale Amazon Third-Party Sellers

As per this new modern age and digital era, new platforms have evolved for people to run their businesses. More business-running people in this environment can make the people’s dreams tremendous and earn a significant profit.

The buyers and the sellers can use the e-commerce platform when they sell their items on different social media platforms. You can see sizeable third-party sellers on a different platform, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Shopify. 

Every business in this universe needs different platforms for their effective earning and gaining many consumers. The interchange owners also have to search for the best e-commerce platform to focus on growing the amazon marketplace. Therefore, it is good to find the largest eCommerce platform in the world that is useful to operate across several available platforms. 

What is vital to know about Acquco?

In this digital world, a lot of organizations and businesses are running for people to make them entirely satisfied. More e-commerce platforms offer the best growth of different operating platforms. Among them, Acquco is the biggest eCommerce platform for acquiring and developing a person’s amazon marketplace business. It has a different technology that provides playbooks. The company also helps amazon sellers to exit their business within 30 days and to continue to scale their business post-acquisition. 

Acquco has also raised $160m in funding and has proven the operators with proprietary playbooks and deep expertise across the entire amazon ecosystem. If you have more doubts about this Acquco, then it is a better option to visit the site of this trusted company.

Acquco is the best platform focused on acquiring third-party sellers on amazon. It is announced that it has close a $160million series A round to fund its aggressive growth plans for its unique operational edge and understanding of amazon as per New york based Acquco 160m ex-Amazonians seriesazevedotechcrunch.

Acquco 160m ex-Amazonians seriesazevedotechcrunch

The Aqua also closes its deals in less than 30 days faster than its competitors because it leverages its optimized playbooks and technology. It has also enabled the company to less than a year on an efficient scale and to achieve more than $100 million in revenue while deploying less than $2 million of equity capital.

The Aqua has a unique position among the company that it competes with, driven by its founders’ deep amazon experience and strong vision. It also has created an unparalleled investment opportunity in a massively growing market. This company also has incredibly excited to partner and work alongside their team to take the next step and drive growth at scale. 

Popularity of this agency and its edge:

Acquco also has gained more popularity among people and business owners to improve purchasing and selling of different products on this platform. This company, known as Acquco, was built leveraging the unparalleled amazon and the executive team’s M and A expertise.

The founder raunak Nirmal and Wiley zhang, have built multi-million dollar amazon businesses. The experts have also built more tools to empower thousands of amazon sellers to maximize their profits. 

The officer’s strategy is the growth and development of the agency to the next level. The professionals in the agency also use more technology to automate the management and generate efficiency for all operational functions.

The operational functions are from brand management to the supply chain. There are also more algorithms to analyze thousands of criteria sets and millions of data inputs for the operating decisions across the portfolio. This firm also has built more technology servicing for the company, including sales and some acquisitions to source untapped deal flow, automate due diligence, and onboard brands.

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